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More About the Strange BUT Untrue Madness Test

First, let me say: IT IS POSSIBLE! That is, although it's rather tricky to get through the Madness Test, it does have an ending that can be reached if you learn to think as strangely and falsely as I do. Your progress towards this goal is marked by several milestones which look like this:

Main Question 1:

I'm not telling you how many main questions there are, but for those interested in finding the ending, once you come to a new main question you have successfully found your way through another little bit of the test.

For those not interested in finding the end (and those who give up), the Madness Test is also just a good laugh, or something to do when bored/drunk/suicidal. I like to think it can also succeed in telling each and every person absolutely nothing about themselves.

Inside you will find more types of madness than you ever knew existed, as well as sub-tests like 'The Evil Genius Test', 'The Madness Personality Quiz' and 'Who Wants to Be Declared Sane?'. Somewhere in there you will also see me (Professor Strangebutuntrue), Chris Tarrant, and probably a host of other celebrities who wandered in and got trapped in the Madness Test's general catacomb-like mazyness.

For anyone/no-one who's interested, the Madness Test is composed of around 168 seperate 'pages', occupies 98,422 bytes in total, and has taken around 7 million bites out of my fingernails during its completion.

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