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Madness test!!!

Welcome, gentle loonies, to the Strange BUT Untrue madness test, the one true indicator of the differently mental of the world. Gasp, as your innermost workings are plastered on the screen like a hedgehog on a highway. Argue, as we attempt to tell you exactly what's wrong with you.

So, you think you're mad, do you? Well, we'll see about that. Do you talk to yourself? Have you ever tried to take over the world? Do you start laughing for no apparent reason? No! Don't tell me now - save it for the test, stupid. Or perhaps you don't think you're mad - perhaps you've always thought "I'm as sane as a large purple cuckoo, boink!" In that case, you're probably in for even more of a shock, but just lie down on the couch, relax, and prepare to HAVE YOUR PSYCHE TORN APART AS IF BY A PACK OF RABID WOLVES...ahem. (No, no, Professor - that was before I got my psychiatry license revoked. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.) Anyway, to test just how mad you are we're going to ask you a series of questions, each more fiendishly easy than the last.

The aim of the test is to be ultimately declared sane and released back into the world without so much as a straight-jacket buckle, but it's not easy. On the way you'll find trick questions, the "Who Wants To Be Declared Sane?" gameshow, the Evil Genius Test, and Professor Strangebutuntrue's very own brand of persistence psychology. If you want to, or have come back here looking for hints, you can read more about the Madness Test here. Enjoy!

My computer geek people tell me this test can't be run without something they call "frames", and something else they call "Javascript". Personally, I don't believe a word of it - I've always thought those nerds were out to get me, and I shall be sacking them... as soon as they finish the site.

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