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Strange BUT Untrue

"You have a right to know the (Un)truth!"

So - you want entertainment, eh? You want to laugh? We at Strange BUT Untrue believe in offering a choice of laughter from Giggles to Chuckling to Laughing Your Head Off (not strongly recommended due to health risk involved).

(And now we're finished convincing all the search engines how good we are, it's time to convince you...)

So if you're tired of hearing facts about how the world works, and of hearing people trying to convince you what they're telling you is true, step inside where we do neither!

All you hear in this site is 100% guaranteed to be completely false, and all you have to do is look and laugh at the ridiculous things we have to say. Just one more word of warning: Do not believe anything you read in this site. Doing so will put you at serious risk of being mocked by friends and family and turned into a social outcast/village idiot. You have been warned.

Just choose a link below to begin viewing the lorryload of lies that is 'Strange BUT Untrue'. (Oh, and this site is still partly under construction, so if you see any builders hanging around the place you can tell them from us that they don't get paid until they're finished....)

Yes, Strange BUT Untrue is back - and at its new site (pleasebookmarkpleasebookmarkpleasebookmark) it has a brand new feature: Strange BUT Untrue News, where I'll say what I damned well want to to you the reader at highly irregularly spaced intervals. Much like the real news, in fact.
Strange BUT Untrue News

Other things to see and do around here:

About the author

How 'Strange BUT Untrue' came to be

Preface by Dr B. Armpott, eminent mad scientist

[Oh dear, there's four spaces in this table isn't there...]

Strange BUT Untrue Science

Strange BUT Untrue Science: Learn how the Universe began (or possibly didn't), how dust is the smallest and most annoying particle in the universe, and about the complex biology of a rock.

The Strange BUT Untrue Madness Test

The Strange BUT Untrue Madness Test: Are you mad? Well now, for the first time ever in the history of the world, you'll be able to find out for sure, with this comprehensive Madness Test! Guaranteed to screen for all known varieties of madness, and present results in a frank (okay, brutal) manner. You know you want to play it...

Sign Prof. Strangebutuntrue's Guestbook and tell him how brilliant (and untrue) a mind he has! Any comments, queries and insane ramblings (not so many of the latter, thank you) - just click on the link below:
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