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Science is a big subject, but luckily it can all be summarized in the 'Law of Everything' which ties in all of the major theories and so gives us complete understanding of the whole universe. Unluckily for you I'm not going to tell you the Law of Everything, because if I did then I'd have nothing else to put on the page.

Science is divided roughly into three categories, known as Phydlstics (or Physics to some people), Pharmacy (also Chemistry), and Squidgy Things Science (also Biology). These categories were invented so that some people could earn more money than other people, as is usually the case.

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Phydlstics Page

Pharmacy Page

Squidgy Things Page

Phydlstics is made up of all the stuff they couldn't put in the other two categories, but nonetheless it contains some very Strange (but Untrue) Science.
Read all about astronautomy, the Cosmic Speed Limit and catapults, and time travel.

Mad scientists are fond of pharmacy - very often it's the reason why they went mad in the first place.
Read all about How to make your own Bubbly Liquids, Alchemy and Making Things Go Bang.

Despite claims that this branch is only for the 'Doctor Frankenstein's of this world, there are some very interesting Squidgy Things out there.
Read about the systems of the body and why they never work properly, and the study of people's personalities from the trousers they wear.

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