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Strange BUT Untrue


(or "Physics" to boring people)

So, what is Phydlstics? The Oxford Dictionary (currently functioning in my house as a large doorstop) defines it as:

'Sciences treating of properties of matter & energy or of action of different forms of energy on matter in general'

Fiddlesticks! (pun very much intended.) This is clearly something cobbled together by a dictionary researcher with not enough sleep who tried to bluff their way by using lots of complicated sub-clauses and vaguely sciency words. Phydlstics is all the stuff the other subjects didn't want because it was too science fiction-y; but clearly someone needed to research it so they could carry on churning out new episodes of Star Trek.

However Phydlstics can be exciting. It's about time travelling back to the past and accidentally killing your own grandfather; it's about trying to catch up with a lightbeam even when they're nothing special to look at; and it's about building big spaceships that very rarely actually work in order to go look at a load of big rocks very far away.

Now, prepare to be amazed as I stop nattering and let you enter the world of Strange BUT Untrue Phydlstics:

The Universe (and how it technically never really began)

Electrickery (and how come it always stops working when you're watching a TV program you really like)

Astronautomy (and how to bring the Universe to your doorstep)

Time Travel (and Buggering Up the fabric of causality)

The Cosmic Speed Limit (and the fine you get if you break it)

Phamous phigures in Phydlstics

Main Science Page